I started thinking about grade school friends and what has happened to them when my husband and I watched old slides.  My grade school class picture popped on as well as confirmation and the last high school reunion that I attended.


My fate was sealed when I realized just how much these people meant to me as a child and do as an adult.  It’s soon fifty years since my graduation and I still think of a few classmates and correspond occasionally with girlfriends whom I used to ‘run around’ with.


I find it interesting and maybe that’s why I write novels. My imagination started going and wasn’t long before I had a work in progress. It’s taken awhile, but now it’s ready. My next novel!

This is me in high school.      Here I am with my English pen pal in England.

BROKEN CIRCLE is about the renewal of four childhood friendships. It’s written from the viewpoint of four sixtyish year old women. Together they seek acceptance, love, hope, and happiness as they look ahead to the next excerpt in their lives. While doing so, they realize that a friend who had been abducted during their senior year of high school, was never found. Together they are able to bring a closure to the family as well as themselves, allowing them to start afresh in their relationships.

BROKEN CIRCLE is now published!

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